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Engineering Studies

After nearly 100 years, Schust Engineering understands that processes change and we are here to help.  Schust Engineering technical experts will carefully review the details from a plant ventilation audit to design a system that will support your processing goals.

Technical experts will suggest possible process changes or upgrades to the dust collection equipment and air make-up systems:

  • Recommend improvements for any emission capture
  • Provide volume requirement changes needed to control the process
  • Develop CAD drawings of hood concepts and duct schematics

When an Engineering Study is Needed

  • Evaluate a problem with the current ventilation system
  • If the plant is experiencing emission violations
  • After reviewing industrial hygienist test data
  • Changing any part of your process by adding or removing equipment
  • Looking to increase production capacity
  • Adding another production line



Please contact Schust Engineering today and let our experts help you evaluate and design an effective ventilation system.

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Address of Plant APC system to be inspected

Other Services Schust Engineering Provides

Complete Filter Change-out Service

  • Supply of the replacement filters
  • Removal of old filters and staging for disposal
  • Cleaning of the filter mounting mechanism and/or tube sheet
  • Installation of new filters
  • Ultraviolet leak testing using fluorescent indicator

Replacement Worn Duct & Fittings

  • Standard elbows
  • Flat back elbows
  • Ducting
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