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Maintenance Services

Schust Engineering Maintenance Services

Schust Engineering provides regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance inspection services to keep the air pollution control systems in your plant running as intended.

Schust Engineering Maintenance Services


Schust Engineering Maintenance ServicesThe inspection work typically includes:

  • Leak checking the filter media
  • Conducting air volume measurements
  • Checking the pressure drop across the air cleaning unit
  • Inspection of the fan bearings, belt tension, sheave alignment, and filter cleaning mechanism
  • Reset and zero the Magnehelic® and Photohelic® gages, as applicable

A written report will be supplied following the inspection outlining:

  • Current system performance
  • Current physical condition of the system components
  • Tracking of system air volume and pressure drop values
  • List of recommended repairs, if applicable

Schust Engineering Maintenance ServicesFilter Change-out Service

A complete filter change-out service which includes:

  • Supply of the replacement filters
  • Removal of old filters and staging for disposal
  • Cleaning of the filter mounting mechanism and/or tube sheet
  • Installation of new filters
  • Ultraviolet leak testing using fluorescent indicator

Replacement Worn Duct & Fittings

  • Standard elbows
  • Flat back elbows
  • Ducting
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