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Maintenance Services

Schust provides customers with the most comprehensive preventative maintenance and inspection services to keep air pollution control (APC) systems running as they are intended.  Customers trust Schust because with over 30 years of experience, they know services are performed by knowledgeable technicians.

With our extensive technical and application experience, Schust provides world-class turnkey services you can’t find anywhere else.  Your APC system is thoroughly inspected and if any repairs are needed, Schust can also supply the parts and installation per the final written report.  Preventative maintenance and inspection services can be scheduled to fit your time frame.


A Preventative Maintenance Inspection Typically Includes:


  • Conduct system air volume measurements and calculations to determine operating performance.
  • Inspect collector discharge hopper, augers, and rotary valves.
  • Check Photohelic and Magnehelic pressure gauges for proper zero function. Re-set, as needed.
  • Verify and record pressure drop across the filters.
  • Measure and record fan inlet static and RPM.
  • Visual inspection on the general condition of the system(s).
  • Ultraviolet leak inspection to locate any leaking filter media.
  • Visual inspection of tube sheets, venturis, and blowpipes.
  • Inspect cleaning system, including pulse valves, solenoid valves, compressed air pressure, and timer settings.
  • Inspect fans including housings, bearings, and drives.
  • Inspect access door seals for leaks.
  • OSHA Confined Space Entry program, air monitoring equipment, and attendant.
  • A written report of each inspection including the following information:
    • Current physical condition of collector(s) and system components.
    • Tubesheet layout drawings indicating location of repaired or defective pulse valves, blowpipes, leaking filter media, and venturies on all baghouse units.
    • Tracking of the system air volume, static and velocity pressure, filter pressure drop, and current test data.
    • A list of recommended repairs.

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Other Services Schust Engineering Provides

Complete Filter Change-out Service

  • Supply of the replacement filters
  • Removal of old filters and staging for disposal
  • Cleaning of the filter mounting mechanism and/or tube sheet
  • Installation of new filters
  • Ultraviolet leak testing using fluorescent indicator

Replacement Worn Duct & Fittings

  • Standard elbows
  • Flat back elbows
  • Ducting
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