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Plant Ventilation Audits

Knowing your plant ventilation systems are operating as intended, gives plant managers and employees peace of mind that they are working in a safe, properly air-balanced facility.

Schust Engineering plant ventilation audits take an in-depth view of how your facility’s dust collection and air make-up system is operating.

During a plant ventilation audit, knowledgeable Schust Engineering technicians will visually observe and document:

  • Material handling methods
  • Employee movement
  • Access requirements
  • Potential exhaust enclosure limitations
  • Cataloging the existing air make-up and dust collection systems
  • Airflow testing to determine operating performance

When a Plant Ventilation Audit is Needed

  • New production equipment has been added to the system
  • Production processes have changed, hoods removed, and ducts capped off
  • Duct runs have been altered from the original design
  • Point of egress doors are difficult to open or slam shut (too much positive or negative pressure)



If you think your ventilation system is not running as it is intended, please contact Schust Engineering today to learn more about how a plant ventilation audit can help.

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