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Plant Ventilation Studies

Schust Engineering, IncSchust offers ventilation study services to investigate the existing air pollution control systems at your facility and provide technical recommendation as well as conceptual design necessary to attain the desired indoor and outdoor air quality.

The Plant Ventilation study from Schust Engineering typically includes:

  • Review meeting with your team
  • On-site visit
  • Perform air tests, evaluate, and qualify existing plant ventilation systems
  • Provide technical written recommendation from system audits

Schust will help you optimize your system effectiveness & reliability

Plant Ventilation Studies
Plant Ventilation Studies
Plant Ventilation Studies

Other Services Schust Engineering Provides

Complete Filter Change-out Service

  • Supply of the replacement filters
  • Removal of old filters and staging for disposal
  • Cleaning of the filter mounting mechanism and/or tube sheet
  • Installation of new filters
  • Ultraviolet leak testing using fluorescent indicator

Replacement Worn Duct & Fittings

  • Standard elbows
  • Flat back elbows
  • Ducting
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